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Friday, December 15, 2017

Digital TransformationReimagine the future of marketing

Shanshan Ye

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According to Gartner, “by 2017, the CMO will spend more on IT than the CIO.” While this bold prediction may or may not turn out to be true, it reflects the unarguable fact that the world of marketing is fast changing.

The world of marketing has to change because it has fallen far behind the consumers. Taking a typical 35 years old female Chinese consumer as an example, she is facing a brutal onslaught on her precious attention from more content producers peddling more information in more formats than ever before, seductions from brands from all corners of the earth, even more cluttered media touch points, and a fragmented daily life that constantly switches from the real world to the cyber world and back. At the same time, social media is not really linking the humanity together but rather segregating us back into tribes (at least in the cyber world) all over again.  

In the context of digital consumers like our 35-years old, the one size fits all, megabrand, big campaign, big idea creative, 30-second TVC - sound so yester-year and seem to belong to the industrial age.  Evidently, industrial age marketing will not work in the digital era.

To answer the million-dollar question: what marketing will look like tomorrow, Alibaba and Illuminera have teamed up to reimagine the future of marketing: a future in which segmentation, as we know it today, will be obsolete, advertising as a term might simply disappear, the time-tested boundary between marketing and sales no longer makes sense, and the traditional marketing ecosystem cease to work, …; And a future where marketing empowered by data, driven by AI, defined by algorithms, executed at individual consumer levels may rule the roost.

In this briefing, Alibaba and Illuminera will use our combined experience, our own proprietary research, and solutions, and our data analytics expertise to provide clear guidance on the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation and how best to turn the opportunities into revenue and profit for your organization. 


  • The context: digital consumer vs. industrial age marketing
  • Transforming marketing with Alibaba’s Uni-Marketing vision
  • Turning Uni-marketing into reality – Illuminera practices
  • Case in spotlight – Pfizer Consumer Health’s data vision, strategy, and practices

Who Should Participate

CEO, CMO, Head of Digital Operation, Head of Strategy


Le Royal Meridien, Shanghai


Paul Zhou
Managing Director of the Illuminera Group
Victoria Chen Business Services & Technology Director of Alibaba
Seb Zhang Marketing Director of Pfizer