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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The “Secret” Paths to Growth in ChinaHow to grow in this tough and rapidly changing market with limited resources

Shanshan Ye

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In the past few years, two seemingly contrary phenomena have occurred in China: large brands armed with sizable investment (yet invariably considered too small by their brand teams) have for the most part found growth elusive. At the same time, many small nobody brands emerged from nowhere and achieved enviable sales with very limited resources.

Underlying these diverging fates were the fundamental changes in consumers and the struggles established brands suffered in catching up with them. While consumers armed with smart phones and social media have adopted starkly different behavior habits and decision patterns, many large brands are stuck in what made them successful years ago. In contrast, smaller brands without the baggage and the resources had both the freedom and the urgency to explore and experiment; and some of them struck the gold either by intention or by chance.

Illuminera has enjoyed the front-row view in observing and, from time to time, contributing to some of the growth miracles. In this seminar, we intend to share what we have observed and also what we have practiced to help clients to and the “secret” paths to growth.


» The growth “miracles” in a flat and rapidly changing market

» The “secret” paths to growth:

       Taking-off with the emerging channels

       Riding the long-tail to the main stream

       Doing marketing like no human has done

» Illuminera best practices and real world case sharing

Who Should Participate

Senior Marketing professionals


VIP Room I, 3F, Jing An Four Seasons, 500 Weihai Road, Shanghai


Faye Tang, Boutique Leader, GrowthX

Jenny Zhang, Director, GrowthX

Matthew Lu, Chief Data Strategist, IlluminAnalytics