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Friday, October 26, 2018

Saying it Well is Selling it WellThe secret recipe for powerful brand/innovation concepts

Shanshan Ye

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Brand and product concepts are the staples for marketing professionals. Be it product ideas, positioning of a new brand, or changes in brand strategy, concepts are typically used to “personify” the thinking and convey the meaning to others. In essence, concepts are the“vehicles” for innovation and strategy.

However, a weak concept can derail a sound strategy or ruin a genius product idea. It is not uncommon that a concept flops not because the underlying strategy is weak but rather because the concept is poorly developed. At Illuminera, it is our belief that a strong concept should possess the following characteristics:

» On strategy
» Grounded in revealing insights
» Precise and motivating presentation of benefits
» Benefits sufficiently supported by reasons-to-believe
» Integrity of the concept as a whole: clear logic throughout the concept components

Drawing on our past successes and failures, our innovation and branding consultants have developed a structured approach to concept development. Utilizing real world examples and in-class exercises, the seminar aims to instill the approach and enable attendees to grasp the craftsmanship of concept development.


» Concept in its context – roles and processes
» Discussion: good and bad concepts
» A critic review of the common concept development process
» Disciplined Creativity© – a structured approach to concept development
» Concept development in digital era

Who Should Participate

Senior Marketing Professionals


2nd Floor, Meeting room, The Press, No. 309 Hankou Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai


Paul Zhou, CEO, The Illuminera Group

Carol Cai, Boutique Leader, IlluminBrand