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Friday, July 26, 2019

The Future of Marketing is Already HereHow leading brands are gaining huge advantages by practicing the future of marketing

Shanshan Ye

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“The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed yet” – William Gibson

This certainly applies to the state of marketing today.

The world of marketing is changing. Urban Chinese consumers are without a doubt digital consumers through and through. They face a brutal onslaught from more content producers peddling more information in more formats than ever before, seductions from brands from all corners of the earth, and a fragmented daily life in which attention span is now counted in a few seconds. In this context, the one size fits all, megabrand, big campaign, big idea creative, 30-second TVC marketing still practiced by many brands sound so yester-year and industrial age. Apparently industrial age marketing no longer works in the digital age.

What will marketing look like tomorrow? Actually a few forward-looking brands are already practicing some forms of it TODAY! Illuminera has been privileged to work with some of the leading brands to innovate how marketing should be done in the digital age. What we have learned is that the future of marketing will look vastly different from today, and that brands embracing the future enjoy a stark competitive advantages over competitors stuck in the industrial-age. Through our work, not only we have gained a precious glimpse into marketing’s future, we also have observed how brands embrace or struggle with the changes.

In this seminar, we will share our insight and expertise together with real world cases. We will demonstrate what the future of marketing will look like and also discuss how brands should organize internally to embrace the changes.


» Paradise Lost: how marketing got lost in the digital era
» Broken Words: the failed promises of digital marketing
» Glimpse of Tomorrow: what the future of marketing will look like
» Future Already Here: leading brands’ new marketing practices
» Paradigm Shift: four strategic imperatives for brand owners
» Organize to Win: how leading companies are internalizing the future of marketing

Who Should Participate

Marketing directors/managers, brand/product managers, strategy planners, etc.


Shanghai, the exact address will be notified later


Paul Zhou, CEO of The Illuminera Group,

Matthew Lu, Chief Data Strategist of IlluminAnalytics, The Illuminera Group

Alice He, Commercial Director of IlluminAnalytics, The Illuminera Group