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Friday, April 03, 2020

Leading Pharma E-commerceOpportunity, Innovation & Strategy

Shanshan Ye

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As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the world, businesses are scrambling to respond to constantly evolving policies, attempting to demonstrate business continuity to their markets by delivering a high standard of online-only services. The pharmaceutical industry is no exception, with medical services ranging from diagnosis and treatment to prescription and payment having gradually obtained more legal support and technical guarantees both pre and during the current crisis.

Of course, even before the pandemic, most traditional pharmaceutical manufacturers had well and truly begun to adopt digital channels and e-commerce platforms to better serve and target customers, with differing degrees of success. As many of these businesses have discovered, the route to successful digitalization is not entirely clear in an industry that is governed by such strict access policies and well-established offline barriers to purchase.

It is however abundantly clear that the organizations capable of agility and innovation will fare far better than their competition in the challenging months ahead.

On April 3rd 2020, Illuminera will host an online round-table meeting to discuss the challenges and opportunities pharmaceutical manufacturers are facing as they confront the realities of e-commerce. You’ll learn from experienced marketing professionals from distinguished pharmaceutical brands as they share their guidelines for online success.

Real-world Illuminera healthcare integrated services case-studies driven by data empowerment will also be shared.


» What role do online channels play? How can your brand achieve synergy among them?
» What are the key trends in healthcare e-commerce? How can you plan and prepare ahead?
» Can FMCG business models be applied to healthcare e-commerce practices?
» Learn how to form the close data loop to maximize the ROI of online RTM

Who Should Participate

Professionals in marketing, strategy, e-commerce from healthcare industry


Online (We will send the access details on registration)


Shining Zhang, Head of Internet Hospital Business, Sanofi
Nick Ni, Head of Rx Pharma Cooperation Business, AliHealth
Paul Zhou, CEO, The Illuminera Group
Evan Zhou, Boutique Head of MEDX, Illuminera
Leon Duan, VP - Digital Transformation, Illuminera