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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Innovate InnovationMaking innovation a systematic and continuous process with better odds of success

Shanshan Ye

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L‘Oréal Mid-night Cream sold 100,000+ units on its first launch day. Vivo X23 sales hit twice as much as planned and successfully became the best-seller. Sales of HOROYOI, Suntory’s new product, has topped in beverage categories on Tmall within six months. What’s the secret receipt behind these best-sellers and successful new launches? How to utilize innovation to help brands stay ahead of the trends? 

At Illuminera we believe the successful innovation should be impactful for both brand and the marketplace. The right mindset for innovation is not about hitting the jackpot but rather in systematically and continuously churning out new products/services with improved odds of success. 

THREE INNOVATION, one of Illuminera’s specialist boutiques, has a lot to share on making your innovation efforts “systematic”, “continuous” and with “improved odds”. With our deep understanding of big data and rich experience in consumer co-create, THREE INNOVATION has helped companies such as L’Oréal, Jahwa, Ferrero, VF, Midea and Yan Palace to churn out successful new products. Come join us to learn about our philosophy, approach and real-world cases on doing innovation the better way. 


» How to innovate successfully in categories or industries full of homogeneous product and technology limitation?
» How to catch up with trends in a rapidly changing market?
» How to get better use of consumer co-creation to enhance product competence?
» How to effectively use resources to improve success rate of new launch?

Who Should Participate

Professionals in marketing, brand, insight, innovation and strategy from FMCG/OTC industry


Please select your preference on how to participate. According to the registration feedbacks and pandemic trend, we will send you the logistic details later.
» Prefer to join offline for deeper interaction and communications
» Both online watching and offline attendance are acceptable
» Still have concerns to join offline


Claire Zhang, Head of THREE INNOVATION

Jessie Sun, Associate Director, THREE INNOVATION