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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Nudging The Consumer to Your BrandMarketing X Behavioral Science - A New Approach to Branding

Shanshan Ye

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While  a great degree of analysis and systematic thinking goes into developing the STP (segmentation, targeting and positioning) of a brand, the subsequent translation into communication and other elements of marketing are left to chance and hope, increasing the risk of failure. 

Secondly, in the era of acute scarcity of consumer attention, it is well established that consumers often make quick choices, based on short-cuts and heuristics which go beyond “positioning” – a brand may be bought because of a new attractive packaging, a promotion or association with a “wang hong”. Unless these choice factors are recognized and influenced, the brand can not hope for inclusion in the consumer basket. 

We at Behave!, an Illuminera affiliated company, have developed a comprehensive frame-work and a toolkit for branding to reduce the chances of marketing failure. This framework is firmly based on an understanding of consumer choice factors, as seen from a behavioral sciences point of view. 

Come join us in Illuminera Online Live Seminar on 19th November. Our marketing expert and behavioral science specialists will share with you on how to effectively nudge the consumer to your brand through a behavioral science-based approach. 

*No charge for this event


What pain-points of marketing does BEbrand address?
How to integrate behavioral science thinking at the heart of branding?
What frameworks can we use to effectively apply behavioral science thinking in marketing?
What tools can be used to help develop behavioral science-based strategies and tactics?
How to adopt consumer understanding methods which are compatible with behavioral science?

Who Should Participate

Marketing directors/managers and other senior professionals from marketing, strategy and brand functions (focus – consumer products and services)


Live online (access details to be sent after successful registration)


Ashok Sethi, Co-founder & Director - Solutions, Behave! 
Mavis Tong, Commercial Director, Behave!