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Armed with Illuminera’s heritages in data analytics and marketing strategy consulting, IlluminAnalytics has emerged as a leading big data marketing applications partner for Alibaba and other key players.  We have also forged alliance with the academia including the University of Michigan and Swinburne University.  See the exciting solutions we are currently working on:


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Small Data and Big Data: A Marriage Made in Heaven?

1. Nestlé’s huge success in new user conversion

Tmall Super Brand Day is one of the most important promotional windows for FMCG brands. Nestlé considers increasing online penetration of coffee category to be critical for the brand’s growth in the long run, and desired to attract new consumers during this period.

Nestlé’s smartly designed campaign witnessed a huge success on the Super Brand Day in 2018 - it increased its turnover by 67% compared to the same period of previous year, the number of buyers increased by 25%, the average basket size increased by 34%, and the conversion ratio of new users surged 98% and Nestlé successfully accumulated more than 6 million potential users.


2. What is the secret behind Nestlé’s success



The key to this success lies both in systematic strategy formulation and efficient strategy implementation. To start with, Nestlé identified several different types of potential consumers based on their behavioral and specified their different diet preferences and lifestyles.

Consumer Insight

Behind the strategy is the in-depth consumer insight. Considering that different types of target users have different motivations and can exhibit distinct behavior characteristics, brands can intrigue users with specified information and content, and satisfy them with completely different product lines and shopping experiences.


With the right strategy and consumer insights, Nestlé greatly improved its marketing performance and productivity – the ad click rate was up to 2.8 times and the consumer interest rate outside Tmall was increased to 3.5 times.


So how did Illuminera build effective marketing strategy and gain precise consumer insights for Nestlé? The answer is by effectively combining big data with small data and smartly leveraging their relative unique scopes and breadth.


3. Why should brands combine big data and small data?

Traditionally brands used to develop their marketing strategies with small data (insights generated from consumer research studies) analytics only. But these insights are more based on abstract thinking and therefore difficult to monitor, evaluate and review, and there’s no guarantee that the final marketing strategy can be implemented faithfully because it is usually a long and tortuous journey from strategy to execution.

On the other hand, many marketers nowadays consider big data as the ultimate panacea for all marketing issues. However, despite the fact that big data contains rich consumer insights, it also has a major weakness – it can seldom reveal the psychology and motivation of consumers, which is fundamental for marketing strategy development.

Therefore, the future marketing strategy must be developed with a completely different mindset: combining big data and small data to make better business decisions.


4. How to combine big data and small data

As a leading marketing group, Illuminera is dedicated to empower the future of marketing with data analytics. And as a certified service provider of data platforms including Alibaba, Illuminera has many experts with extensive experiences in both big and small data analysis.


In the case of Nestlé Coffee, Illuminera worked with Alibaba Strategy Center and applied a more scientific approach to develop the brand strategy compared to traditional ways. Firstly, use big data to generate consumer insights & hypothesis, and then dig into the consumer needs and their consumption habits with research studies. Before the final brand strategy was applied on a large-scale, Illuminera tested it among a small group of target audience to verify its effectiveness and productivity.


5. Empower future marketing with data analytics


Illuminera believes that strategy development in today’s environment requires the combination of big data and small data at all levels:


a) Market opportunity identification: Spot business opportunities from mainstream to niche markets

b) Brand strategy development: Build emotional connections with your consumers

c) Personalized consumer experience: Maintain the consistency of brand message but also provide customized products and experiences at the same time

d) Brand strategy implementation: Ensure the right strategy can be applied with efficiency


The new methodology is also beneficial for a variety of projects such as product innovation, business development, brand positioning and competitive analysis so brands can amplify the value of data analytics and maintain a sustainable business growth.


*Illuminera is among the first batch of certified service providers of Alibaba Brand Data Bank, Strategy Center, New Product Innovation Center, Uni-Desk and many other mainstream data platforms, and was nominated as "Strategic Pioneer" at the Data Bank Top Awards. The Nestlé campaign was awarded as the most innovative case in 2018 by Alibaba, and was included in the Best Case collection of Uni-Marketing Academy.


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