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THREE INNOVATION  Innovation for Inspiring Consumer Experience

THREE INNOVATION is committed to providing brands with consumer experience enhancing innovation consulting.


The future of innovation comes through broadening the range of desirable experiences for individual customers, hence the secrets behind our innovation spree lie in our religious belief in marrying consumer centricity with creativity. With in-depth consumer insights and InsightCloud, the cutting edge online digital insights communities, THREE INNOVATION is dedicated to driving innovation for brands through understanding consumer needs and exploiting new innovation opportunities.


The name of THREE INNOVATION is derived from the ancient Chinese wisdom “The three begets all things of the world”,  with the implication to provide brands with infinite possibilities.

From Brand-Dictated Design to Consumers Creation: How Dickies Broke Fashion Rules
Brand designers have traditionally "dictated" and led the trends of fashion design. However, as an outstanding American work-style brand, Dickies has innovated boldly. Through in-depth consumer co-creation and the subversion of fashion rules, Dickies has brought about a remarkable breakthrough and created an "unconventional hoodies" which exceeded typical sales five-fold. What on earth has Illuminera’s innovation consulting services team done to help the brand "empower" consumers and produce sparks for design?

Discover Category Trends to Explore "Fashion" In The Eyes of Consumers

By taking the strength of TMIC, desk research, and other data, Illuminera accurately described consumer demographics, comprehensively summarized style categories for hoodies, and gathered deep insight into fashion elements and well as consumption trends. Illuminera has also invited streetwear lovers with design skills to participate in online forums to precisely target compatible co-creation consumers, encouraging them to express individuality and fashion values by incubating new hoodie designs.

Designing Fashion: In-Depth Co-Creation with Two Topics

Illuminera set two themes for brand design and guided co-creation consumers to draw according to their tastes. The themes were chosen after deep interpretation of Chinese youth fashion and comprehensive analysis of e-commerce streetwear consumption trends. Through multiple rounds of feedback, the co-creation project finally produced 64 hoodie designs with distinct personalities and styles, which brought about a huge surprise on the brand side and achieved an ideal co-creation effect. When the drafts were completed, the brand designer optimized and recreated on the basis of fashion insight. Consumers’ favorite hoodie designs were identified by TMIC’s intelligent test, through which three high potential design have been identified.

Sketch Design to Made-up Hoodies

Trailblazing C2B Innovation "Zero" Friction: Realizing Efficient Insight

In collaboration with Dickies, a multinational fashion brand, Illuminera has deeply developed the local market and jointly created the first C2B co-creation project in clothing industry. This project seamlessly integrated the innovation link from insight to design and selection, all while realizing "zero" friction in the application of insight onto business transformations. C2B reverse customization could on one hand enable brands to close the distance with consumers, efficiently optimize the innovation pipeline, and instantly realize precise, creative implementation in a short time window; on the other hand, consumers can be included in the vital stages of new product development, have a say in the design process, and become the main force of innovation.

This new product incubation project, jointly created by consumers, breaks through the traditional top-down design process in the clothing industry, enabling consumers to become the "new authority" in future trend, which will have far-reaching significance in the fashion industry. In this rapidly changing digital era, only the pioneers of innovation can seize the lead amid fierce market competition.

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