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 Growth strategy and consulting for the consumer sectors

Are you struggling to hit the growth target in a flat market?  Is your brand's performance far below expectation? Or, if you are among the lucky few, are you trying to squeeze even more growth out of a successful product? …

Growth is the eternal objective in business.  Anything and everything a business does should contribute to a substantial and sustainable growth.  

GrowthX, a new breed of insight-driven strategy consulting boutique, breathes and kicks to help clients grow by identifying and prioritizing white space, planning growth road maps, and devising innovative products, services, and business models. 


  • Smart Entry
  • White Space Identification

  • Superior Positioning Advantage

  • Route to Market

  • Continue to Lead
  • Geography Expansion

  • Operation Excellence - Marketing/Sales/CRM/Portfolio

  • New Growth Cycle
  • Strategic Product Innovation

  • New Business Model development

  • Turnaround
  • Performance Diagnosis

  • Turnaround Strategy (Solution Repositioning, Consumer Experience Reshape, Channel Strategy, Competition Strategy)


Using Demand Generation Model to Fuel Lower-tier Market Growth

Traditionally when companies build marketing strategy most tend to approach the strategy in a piece-meal fashion: brand positioning, communication, channels, and etc. are all explored but largely separately. This practice, while common, is actually problematic in that 1). It does not foster synergy across different strategy components; and 2). When different parts are done by experts in different subject matters, the risk is high that too much thinking is put on the tools but not on the original goal of facilitating business success.


GrwothX, an Illuminera Group boutique, saw the drawbacks in conventional practices and decided to do strategy differently. It is our belief that first of all, the goal of every piece of marketing strategy is to create demand. Secondly, all strategy components must strive for the singular goal of demand generation. And lastly, all marketing activities and programs should be innovatively effective in serving the strategy and, in the end, generate demand. With this philosophy, GrowthX set out to reinvent the Demand Generation Model long used in the B2B setting to the B2C environment.


In this case, our client, a well-known international infant nutrition brand, suffering from limited resources and chronicles underperforming in lower-tier markets, came to us with a simple mandate: within the budgetary constraints, how can we triple our market share.  Using the Demand Generation Model, GrowthX were able to put together an innovative strategy that could fuel client’s success in the lower tier markets.


Going back to the basics

GrowthX started the project by going back to the basics. The team tried hard to answer a seemingly simple but in reality very difficult question: what are driving a consumer’s buying decision. Based on thorough primary and secondary research, the team built a clear Needs Atlas©, which in turn was translated into a consumer needs model. This model essentially dictates what should be done, in the most fundamental level, to make a consumer tick.

From needs to demand generation

However, a successful demand generation strategy not only defines ‘what to do,’ but also plans ‘how to do.’ Considering this, consultants helped the client develop a hierarchical and systematic marketing plan that guides consumer demand generation and resource reallocation, directs the comprehensive route to market solutions, and optimizes the brand management mechanism. The plan was also comprised of many marketing programs or activities that came from out-of-box thinking.


We are excited to see that this demand generation strategy is now about to go on trial in the lower-tier market and we will keep an eye on its impact in the real market. GrowthX is excited at the prospect that she is able to help more clients to achieve more robust growth using the Demand Generation Model.