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INNOTHON, a new way to unlock business fun ILLUMINERA Blockbuster Campus Innovation Competition Launched

Illuminera launches a new way to unlock business fun by breaking from tradition and focusing on innovation.

On September 22, 2021, the first ILLUMINERA INNOTHON Campus Innovation Competition was officially initiated.

This event aims to provide college students with a unique business practice and innovation arena, by encouraging students to actively capture market pain points through keen vision, use pioneering thinking to define the business future, and present business solutions with the innovative form of prototype.

Departing from tradition and breaking with convention, INNOTHON has six highlights

Highlight I: The competition breaks through the conventional modes

This event has plentiful and novel modes. In addition to the regular selection modes such as PPT report submission in the preliminary stage and project presentation in the semi-finals stage, the roadshow competition will be conducted in the form of prototype in the final stage, such as video, model, programmed interface, on-site performance, pictures, handcrafting, etc.

Highlight II: 100,000 Yuan Cash Prize

A prize pool of an amount up to 100,000 Yuan has been set up in this event, which will be shared by the final teams according to their performance. It is possible for a team to take all the prize, or miss the prize regrettably, making the event more challenging and exciting.

Highlight III: Three major opening propositions

Unlike the traditional business competition, which focuses on single case analysis, this campus competition has set three open propositions, including education, medical and healthcare. Contestants can select propositions based on their professional characteristics and research interests to find business innovation points and develop practicable business innovation solutions.

Highlight IV: Marketing masters gather to give lessons and unlock the new way of business fun

ILLUMINERA will also organize semi-finals players to go to the Shanghai office to participate in the "pre-competition acceleration camp” and invite high-level marketing consultants to help players understand business logic, cultivate business thinking, and unlock new ways to deal with brand strategies and marketing through real business cases.

Highlight V: An Ace Mentor Group cheers and provides guidance

During this competition, an exclusive Ace Mentor think tank has been provided for each final team to help them, come up with surprise moves, offer good plans, seek victory chances and give targeted guidance to the competition works in the home stretch stage.

Highlight VI: Exclusive provision of blind boxes for contestants to be uncovered

In addition to the generous cash prize, outstanding students will also receive ILLUMINERA internship opportunities, passing cards for interviews and other hidden surprises.

Notes for sign-up and competition participation

1. Participants

Full time undergraduate, master and doctoral students at home and abroad can participate, regardless of grade and major.

2. Grouping rule

Contestants need to sign up as a team of 4 members with at least one student from non-business major. Team members are allowed from different universities.

(Non-Business major definition: All college majors except majors from finance, accounting, management, and economics four categories)

3. Competition schedule

● Application stage (September 22 to October 15)
● Preliminary stage (October 21 to November 5)
● Pre-competition acceleration camp & semi-finals stage (Late November, Shanghai)
● Final stage (Early December, Shanghai)

4. How to sign up

Click the link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1B0UYUrkbX2rQTnjRe7LrMA to download the sign-up form (extraction code:ekm8), fill in as required and send it as a compressed file including Chinese and English versions resumes of all team members to innothoncampus@illuminera.com, with the email. 

Sign-up deadline: 17:00, October 15, 2021, Beijing Time

For more information and exciting moments, please follow the official WeChat Account of the event, ILLUMINERA INNOTHON Campus Innovation Competition (Wechat Account ID: Illuminera_Innothon). If you have any enquiries, please email to innothoncampus@illuminera.com or contact the event assistant through + 86 182 1762 4802 (WeChat ID) on weekdays.

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