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First Illuminera Innothon Campus Closed Successfully

On 4th December, 2021 Illuminera Campus Innovation Competition (Illuminera Campus Innothon) came to a successful close. The first Campus Innothon attracted a total of 158 teams including 632 students who came from 176 well-known universities home and abroad, such as Zhejiang University, Fudan University, Melbourne University and Durham University. After more than two months of fierce competition, six teams overcame all obstacles, stood out from competitive partners, and showed keen insight, deep thinking and excellent innovation in the finals.

Live photos

Finals for INNOTHON summoned judges of big names. We invited Qingyun Jiang, Professor and PhD supervisor for School of Management, Fudan University, and Phil Zhou, Executive Director of Morgan Stanley to present, together with three senior Illuminera marketing experts - Leon Duan, VP for Digital Transformation; Evan Zhou, Boutique Leader for MedX, and Carol Cai, Boutique Leader for STORiE. Claire Zhang, Boutique Leader for Three Innovation, hosted the final.

Photo of Commentator

Having been cherry-picked from piles of competitors in the preliminary project proposals, undergone strength match in semi-final presentation, shown all talents in final competition prototype building, through a variety of prototype forms, the six teams staged a wonderful competition and fiercely competed for ¥100,000 bonus. Within just ten days after semi-final, the contestants presented the prototype of the project in super creative and attractive way, including videos clips, comics, building blocks, simulation games, street interviews, role playing and so on. Participants in each group complemented each other, worked effortlessly to complete the project and define the future business with innovation.







After on-site voting by the judges, team rankings and laurel of ¥100,000 bonus were announced. In the end, Magical Mooncake Team (神奇月饼队) from Xi’an Jiaotong University won the championship of the first Illuminera Innothon Campus with its “magic” performance. WECAN team from Xi’an Jiaotong-liverpool University ranked second; the other 4 teams also performed well, ranking third to sixth respectively.

Result announcement

Along with recognition and cash as bonus, participants were offered internship opportunity and faster passes in other interviews for full-time jobs.