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Illuminera takes home prestigious TMIC Best Ally award for 2019

Illuminera is thrilled to announce that on 23rd September 2019 we were crowned the TMIC Best Ally for 2019. Awarded at the Tmall Innovation Center (TMIC) Annual Summit 2019, a forum to explore new brand innovation strategies in the digital era, Illuminera was recognized as a leading provider of integrated innovation services and agile business strategy insights - demonstrating a uniquely effective utilization of TMIC.

Illuminera was represented by its VP of Digital Innovation Claire Zhang, who presented the most efficient and effective new product innovation strategy, incorporating TMIC in the manner most conducive to long-term business success.

Claire said, “The traditional innovation model begins to encounter problems when faced with more digitalized consumers long term - suffering from a comparatively slow response to the market and consumers, a lack of a holistic view and being too brand-centric, losing focus on the customer. This results in a negligible business impact regardless of how brilliant the innovation may be. However, with the introduction of TMIC, brands can accurately identify opportunities to innovate while turning consumers into creative partners, developing the product’s competitive edge and leveraging resources to improve the success rate of the launch. This is all made possible through the marriage of big and small data sources”.

Claire Zhang leads THREE INNOVATION, a boutique of The Illuminera Group specializing in consumer-driven innovation. The boutique offers unique services such as opportunity targeting, potential evaluation and new product launch strategy development among others. The team, with assistance from Illuminera’s Analytics boutique has optimized the innovation processes of many leading brands including: Pfizer, Ferrero, Abbott, Jahwa and L’ORÉAL.

For L'ORÉAL’s Revitalift Filler, awarded 2019’s Best New Product by TMIC, THREE INNOVATION employed the TMIC to implement precise consumer targeting, boosting sales and creatively enhancing the product’s entry into the market. Consequently, L'ORÉAL’s Revitalift Filler achieved the top sales within the cream category in Tmall Hey Box 2019.

Illuminera’s VP of Digital Innovation continued: “Brand innovation must prove itself in the real world. To be successful, it must be impactful for both the brand and the marketplace. Together with TMIC, we are committed to building an efficient innovation journey in the digital era, empowering the future of marketing."

For more information, please call +86 21 6360 8005 or email: shanshan.ye@Illuminera.com.