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Illuminera Accredited as TMIC Gold ISV

Illuminera has recently been accredited as the 2020 Gold ISV by TMIC (Tmall Innovation Center), another remarkable industry recognition after the Best Ally awarded in 2019. With solid understanding about how to maximize the value of brands and customers by unlocking the power of data, Illuminera has been innovating the innovation with close collaboration with TMIC and helped companies to churn out successful new products.


Illuminera got listed as one of the first certified TMIC ISVs in 2018. After that, we have completed a bunch of innovative projects with disruptive breakthroughs. Among over 30 new products we have worked with clients to research and develop, or forge the launch strategies for, are some well-known consumer brands, such as L’Oréal, Nestlé, Pigeon, Darlie, Midea, Yan Palace, and etc.

What makes Illuminera competitive are capabilities of foreseeing the market potential ahead of trends, recognizing the category evolvement, taking the strategic forefront, and spotting the whitespace, by empowerment of both big and small data. With support of TMIC, we have been assisting clients to accurately anchor opportunities of innovation, clearly understand consumer needs and insights behind, effectively refine and optimize product concepts through in-depth C2B co-creation, significantly improve their product competitiveness, and ultimately achieve the successful launch of new products.

Combining the advantages of TMIC digital platform, Illuminera will continue to utilize its end-to-end marketing capabilities centered on data empowerment to help clients win out in the competitive market throughout following areas:


·  0-1 product innovation,

·  innovation opportunity prioritization,

·  innovation portfolio design,

·  product launch and communication strategy,

·   community NPD trend research,

·   and others…

As of 30 June 2020, there are totally 47 ISVs having registered in TMIC, and only four of them were accredited as Gold ISV.