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Illuminera was awarded "Big-data & AI Marketing Agency of the Year" by Tiger Roar

On August 26, the 11th Tiger Roar Award Ceremony was held in Shanghai. Illuminera was awarded "Big-data & AI Marketing Agency of the Year", on account of its outstanding achievements in strategy, creativity, and data-empowerment. Illuminera was represented by partner Claire Zhang (Head of THREE INNOVATION), who accepted the prize.

Claire Zhang (second from left) accepted the prize

With Illuminera’s unique understanding of data, we provide deep insights for clients through multi-dimensional data empowerment. From developing growth roadmaps to positioning mega brands, from innovating new products and business models to elevating marketing ROI with data empowerment, from telling powerful creative stories to using algorithms to guide media placement, time and again our unique philosophies and methodologies deliver substantial business impact.

By unlocking the power of data, Illuminera is leading the data-empowered marketing revolution. Illuminera’s end-to-end marketing solutions deliver vastly improved strategic accuracy and performance, enabled by data empowerment in all areas. Each component of marketing is perfected through vigorous analysis, testing, validation, and optimization. We strive to achieve fully integrated end-to-end marketing solutions with “zero” attrition to stimulate innovation and growth, unleash the brand's greatest potential, and illuminate the future of marketing.

Launched by Hooxiao Media, the Tiger Roar Award has become, after 11 years of development, one of the most authoritative, forward-looking, and innovative competitions in China’s digital communication field.