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Illuminera won the 2020 ECI Awards

On December 16th, 2020, The ECI International Digital Innovation Award Ceremony was hosted in Shanghai. Illuminera won the Marketing Innovation Award, on merit of its forward-thinking insight and data-empowered end-to-end creative and consulting abilities, as demonstrated in its cooperative project “Mid-Night Cream Launch and consumer co-creation”with L’Oréal’s CMI [1] team. Clarie Zhang, partner at Illuminera and head of the “THREE INNOVATION” boutique, received the award at the ceremony on behalf of the company.

The awarded case was a cooperative venture between Illuminera and L’ Oréal’s CMI team utilized the advantages of the TMall Innovation Center (TMIC) digital to create a new milestone in marketing and consumer co-creation. Through combining big and small data, gathering insight on use cases and customer experience, creating highly efficient and interactive co-creation communities, Illuminera was able to help the client pinpoint target consumers, realizing co-creation in a new product launch. The Mid-night cream sold 100k+ units on the first day, winning the most sales in the 2019 Tmall Black Box face mask and cream category.

As a TMIC full-service ISV, Illuminera has helped brands complete the incubation and launch positioning of over 30 different products, for L’ Oréal, Helena Rubinstein, Kiehl’s, Nestlé, Darlie, Midea, Bird House, Dickie’s, and Küb. Through deep and efficient C2B reverse positioning, the creative potential of consumers was activated, allowing for integrated end-to-end services from market insight to consumer co-creation to product launch, enabling brands to attain higher precisions and efficiency in marketing communications.

About the ECI Awards

The International E-Commerce Innovation Association (IECIA)was founded in the US in 2014. IECIA is the first authoritative award organization to utilize ‘creative application’ in digital commerce areas as criteria for awards. Companies which receive ECI Awards have the most creative accomplishments in business model, product, service, technology, marketing, or management. Through the ECI Awards, IECIA encourages creative application in companies and creative industries throughout the world.

1. CMI Team:Consumer & Market Intelligence, in other words, the consumer & market insight team