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From new product creation to launch in just four weeks, Illuminera collaborates to open T-LAB

On May 26, the 2021 Tmall Innovation Center (TMIC) ceremony was held in Shanghai. The T-LAB was officially launched, which takes consumer insight as the core foundation to realize new product creation and launch from 0 to 1 with flexible supply chains. Based on accurate trend foresight, product concept creativity, efficient data-empowered, and end-to-end integration services, Illuminera is honored to cooperate with platforms and vendors to open a new model of multiparty co-creation among platforms, consulting companies and vendors in the digital era.

Paul Zhou, CEO of Illuminera (second from right), was invited to the T-LAB launch ceremony

Usually, new product development takes as short as 6 months and as long as several years to complete. The establishment of T-LAB is the result of  eco-partners breaking boundaries and using extreme speed to combine the world's leading ingredients, formulas and technology with the most forward-looking data trends to create a new C2S model. In addition to the strong support from ingredients suppliers BASF and Givaudan in product formula and fragrance, as well as the art and design ecological resources provided by Alibaba design, Illuminera made full use of big data and user insights to focus on new product tracks, create product concepts, and help the product design to lift off the ground and launch successfully.

Through efficient and transparent multiparty integration, Illuminera collaborated with all eco-partners, unlocked the nine steps from trend insight, to track definition, theme definition, concept co-creation, consumer creative selection, creative strategy, technology matching, packaging design, and filling production in just four weeks, incubating the series of fragrance products from 0 to 1, accomplishing an impossible task.

A series of fragrance products

In this year’sTMIC, Illuminera was awarded the title of "TMIC Gold ISV". This is the second consecutive year that Illuminate has won this award after becoming the first certified service provider of TMIC in 2018 and winning the "Best Ally Award" in 2019. 

Through deep consumer insights and data-empowered innovative consulting service, and with the advantages of TMIC’s big data platform, Illuminera has helped brands successfully launch more than 30 new pop-ups, such as Yanjing alcohol-free white beer and new fruit beer series, L'Oreal Mid-night Cream and Men’s Expert Impeccable Concealer, Midea washing machine, DICKIES fashion sweatshirts, and many other disruptive innovative launch projects.