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Life @ Illuminera



All consultants in Illuminera are sharing the same ambition to be a business influencer

We are different from other consulting firms because we do not focus on frameworks. Instead we pay more attention to forming strategic plans, making it happen and getting it done, which has led to many achievements.

The head of a world leading medical device maker in China region once highly commented on us. He stated us to be one of the very few consulting teams with a structured and innovative thinking in the industry. No wonder all consultants in Illuminera share the same ambition to be a business influencer rather than a witness only.

Some projects are very interesting. How much will you spend on cancer prevention? Will you spare no efforts? The fact could be contradictory to what you claim to be. When working on the project for an antidepressant brand, one of the interview questions was designed as “what kind of antidepressant would you like to date with?” All are crazy questions requiring innovative thinking.

To summarize, if have to, I can listen to truths in business and see images of growth, here in Illuminera.


Associate Director, GROWTHX

Good luck accompanies someone who is always on the way

Life is like a box of chocolate that you will never know what you’re gonna get. When I first joined Illuminera some years ago, I never thought that I would have my biggest life-stage changes here –– at that time, I was a shy and introverted single young man from a small Tier-III city, and now I am a confident consultant who is capable to solve different clients’ problems, and more importantly, I am a father to a daughter.


No flattering, Illuminera is a great platform for anyone who is determined to a consulting career as it always tries to deliver business impact, rather than just being a “good” agency. It continuously pursues excellence and pushes thinking ahead of problems. It encourages innovation, respects new ideas and offers opportunities for any individual who is ambitious and dedicated to greatness.


The journey towards a professional business consultant is never easy. Work-life-balance is like a fairy tale. However, what you have here is flexibility, and you own your own time. Last year (2017), when my daughter came to me, my life and role changed. I have to spend more time with my family and accompany the growth of Illuminera, the other family of mine. Since I own my projects, I am free to decide the timelines of completing the tasks. It is Illuminera’s flexible work environment that allows a smooth change of role happening to me.


Associate Director, THREE INNOVATION

Consulting firm is not always being aggressive

The first time I came to Illuminera for the interview, the might-be colleagues were all dedicated to their jobs on hand, while the interviewer looked very gentle and pleasant (I am not flattering). It is the feeling I was always yearning for in the workplace, intense yet comfortable. 

Being quiet and introverted, I felt a little bit worried at the very initial stage after I was on board. I wasn’t sure whether I could get along well with the so-called aggressive consultancy world with fast paces, endless socials and arguments with clients. But reality turned out to be somewhat different from my imagination and the rumors I heard about.  It is true that our job is full of challenges, our workload is heavy and intense, and deadlines are always there to meet. But my reserved personality doesn’t affect my work at all, instead, the culture of respecting uniqueness helps assure my devotion to what I am doing in my own way.  

Colleagues here are very interesting, some are life experts, some play musical instruments and some enjoy recording live stream. Working with them makes me feel the same way as they do. 


Chief Data Strategist, ILLUMINANALYTICS

It’s all about inspiration and brainstorming

Prior to joining Illuminera, I’d actually gotten several chances to meet Paul, first time during interview, second time on the first day being on board, and once or twice later in subway. He was still taking subway at that time. But I don’t know why I had a very good impression towards this startup company, so I decided to come for a try after I quit my previous job.

After about half a year here, with more understanding of the company, I realized the unique place Illuminera is and should be somewhere we could choose and stay committed to. Of course people here were, and still are, not bored at all.

As Paul always stated, Illuminera is a company with passion and ambition. Not only the company itself, but also everyone here. I can still remember once when I went on a business trip in Qingdao, my supervisor at that time, out of expectations, reserved a perfect hotel near the coast with very low price in advance; she introduced me to a variety of delicious seafood and even drank a lot… It has been very interesting to know such interesting group of colleagues. Getting along with them is all about inspiration and brainstorming all the time.

2017 is the 10th year of Illuminera. I do hope that no matter this year, next year, or even decades later, Illuminera can stay energetic and vigorous, open to new minds and new offerings, when it becomes a powerful business driver in China.