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ILLUMINANALYTICS Building the future of data-empowered business

Data is the new oil!  

IlluminAnalytics is dedicated to reimagine and reinvent a business world where decisions are driven by data analytics and efficiencies maxmized with algorithms.  

Armed with Illuminera’s heritages in data analytics and marketing strategy consulting, IlluminAnalytics has emerged as a leading big data marketing applications partner for Alibaba and other key players.  We have also forged alliance with the academia including the University of Michigan and Swinburne University.  See the exciting solutions we are currently working on:


  • StrategySmart: Big-data driven brand strategy and communication

  • CLM: Tailor-made, granular segmentation strategy and landing

  • MediaWit: Algorithm empowered omni-touchpoint efficiency optimization


Exploring Brand Strategy in Real Market

The following are some of the long-standing issues that plague marketers: How to optimize different media channels simultaneously? How to devise a media plan based on consumer behavior? How to set and control advertising frequency? How to develop and implement optimal media planning based on big data and algorithms rather than experience and assumptions? Ultimately, how to dramatically improve media efficiency to attract more potential consumers?

For a vitamin brand that was facing the issues above, Illuminera suggested that the brand should establish a digital solution based on Alibaba’s data bank; it’s an approach to better optimize the efficiency of media communication and create a winning strategy.

Testing out the Best Strategy

To gain an in-depth consumer insight, the project started with taking up careful research. Illuminera involved the data bank’s AIPL system to measure the progress of consumer acquisition; moreover, the team studied the influence of different channels exerted on the final conversion. The ultimate goal was to find the most economical way to increase conversion rates.

At the same time, to find out which medium works best, Illuminera conducted multiple A/B tests with ad placement to experiment with different campaign elements. The results show that, with appropriate TA selection, successful retargeting and frequency management, the efficiency of banner advertisements in consumer acquisition can be approved by over 80%.

By applying this digital solution, Illuminera helped the brand forecast potential customers who would be attracted by any assumed communication medium, and found the optimal media strategy among all possibilities.