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Illuminera Launches THREE INNOVATION to Drive Innovations for Brands

2018-07-23, Shanghai

We'd like to introduce THREE INNOVATION, recently launched by Illuminera to provide our clients with brand innovation insights to enhance the end consumer experience.

The ongoing advancement of technologies, along with the emergence of consumers seeking novelty, demands an innovative business approach. Innovation has become the driving force behind many businesses' revenue growth, helping brands to stand out in a highly competitive, ever-changing marketplace.

Yet continual on-target innovation can be difficult for businesses to achieve. Consumer fragmentation in an increasingly dynamic market, particularly in relatively mature categories, often makes it a 'headache' for brands to steal the innovation limelight.

THREE INNOVATION was therefore designed to help businesses intelligently innovate their offerings - to enrich the consumer experience and gain market leadership via in-depth insights. Its in-touch innovation techniques and methodologies include:

- whitespace spotter
- portfolio design
- potential evaluation

Also integrating the cutting-edge InsightCloud digital community, THREE INNOVATION is dedicated to driving brand innovation via consumer needs identification. At the same time, it effectively pinpoints and exploits new innovation opportunities.

As explained by the Leader of THREE INNOVATION, Claire Zhang:
the name 'THREE INNOVATION' was derived from the ancient Chinese wisdom The three begets all things of the world, with the implication to provide brands with infinite possibilities and relentless innovation that will keep brands better prepared to win the market".

In relation to the benefits of this exciting new offering, Claire added: "At THREE INNOVATION, we believe that the future of innovation comes through broadening the range of desirable experiences for individual customers; hence the secrets behind our innovation spree lie in our religious belief in marrying consumer centricity with creativity. It is also with this belief that we'
ve contributed to many successful innovation campaigns for renowned brands such as LOreal, Jahwa, Wyeth and Dyson in the past years. The birth of THREE INNOVATION will help our clients to drive innovation, so as to maintain their leading positions".

For more information, please contact us at 8621 6360 8005 or email Yan.Xu@illuminera.com.