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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

No innovation, no future!How to grow in the era of uncertainty?


As the environment becomes increasingly complex, the global economy is entering an era of low growth. The mind-set of consumers has changed. Their demand has upgraded but consumption has become rational. The situation brands are facing has also changed, with the traffic dividend disappearing and the practices of the high-growth era no longer working. However, brands still have to survive, products still have to be upgraded and innovated, the business still has to grow... For brands, no innovation has no future.

It is true that innovation is still an eager strategy for brands seeking to grow against the slowing growth trend, but the path to innovation is long and difficult. How to break through the challenges in the innovation journey? How to find the rules of survival in the era of uncertainty? How to break out in the crisis and become a leader in the new era? How to overcome the "safety zone" of products to shape new best sellers? Illuminera’s end-to-end innovation solution helps brands achieve full coverage from product innovation planning to incubation and finally to market, devising feasible receipts for a confirmed growth.

THREE INNOVATION, an Illuminera boutique, is dedicated to bringing sustainable business value to brands through executable innovation solutions, by systematically dismantling innovation challenges, tracing the essence, identifying growth paths and landing new product strategies in an efficient methodology powered by consumer insights and big data.

You are cordially invited to join us for a live streaming talk on how to grow against the trend in an era of uncertainty through innovation on November 22.


  • What brands expect from innovation and challenges they face
  • Solution to innovation in the era of uncertainty
  • How to tackle business problems by end-to-end innovation solutions
  • Best practice sharing of product/service innovation


November 22nd (Tuesday) 14:00-15:30


Who Should Participate

Professionals in the fields of marketing, branding, customer insights, product and service innovation, strategy and communication, digital transformation, etc.




Jiayi Zhou
Associate Director, THREE INNOVATION, Illuminera

Jerry Jiao
Senior Manager, THREE INNOVATION, Illuminera

Karen Liu
Senior Manager, THREE INNOVATION, Illuminera